The Chalice Premium Promise

We make home mixology convenient by delivering quality farm-to-table ingredients and supplies to your doorstep, along with step-by-step video tutorials from BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ instructors. Our at home kits have everything you need - simply select an experience & create your masterpiece! Engage in the perfect activity for individuals, date night, family and friend gatherings, virtual parties, and corporate events.

INDULGE IN THE RICHNESS OF BESPOKE BEVERAGE EXPERIENCESIf you desire a delicious cocktail just add the mixologist's suggested spirits. If a mouthwatering mocktail is what you want, just consume without liquor for a zero-alcohol experience. Either way you are in for a captivating delight.INDULGE IN THE RICHNESS OF BESPOKE BEVERAGE EXPERIENCES

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