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This may be the first time you want THE BLOOZE. Chalice Premium is gonna give it to ya'. This Blueberry Sage Martini is like the musical masterpiece of cocktails, hitting all the right notes with its fruity and herby blend. Crafted by the genius mixologist Rina Mayers from Atlanta, this drink is a full-on sensory adventure.  It possesses the beautiful complexity of a B.B. King song accompanied by his famed guitar, Lucille. The BLOOZE offers a full sensory experience. Once you get a waft of the rich aroma of this beverage, you'll be hooked and ready to dive into the full Chalice Premium experience.

Chalice Premium Bespoke Cocktail Experience Includes: 

  • Fresh Blueberry Mix 
  • Dried Sage Leaves 
  • Chalice Premium Aromatic Flavor Blend
  • Hand Crafted Blueberry Infused Simple Syrup 
  • Fresh Lime and Lemon Blend 
  • Ginger Beer
  • Dehydrated Blueberry Garnish 
  • Two aromatic herbal sachets 
  • Fresh garnishes for the perfect final touch
  • Two Crystal Cocktail Glasses 
  • Stirrers, garnishes, picks, and coasters 
  • Everything you need to craft an elevated beverage adventure

Mixologist spirit recommendation: Tequila (add Prosecco if you're feeling fancy)

Mixologist mocktail suggestion:  Top with ginger beer 

Please note: As our kits are made with fresh ingredients, enjoy within 5 days of receiving your order.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:

  • Rest assured, every part of our packaging is recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable.

Unleash your inner mixologist and embark on a flavor adventure unlike any other. Order By The Root today!

Please note: Spirits are not included. A unique instructional video will be emailed upon shipping for your mixology mastery.